Frequently Asked Questions

How does DinnerIsUp work?

We’re all about easy eating. Through our apps and sites we allow you to search and order from different restaurants in your area, so that you can just relax and enjoy great food. Once you’ve found a restaurant and placed an order online, the confirmation of your order will be displayed on your screen (accepted or rejected) or we’ll send you an email to confirm that the restaurant has received your order. 

This will let you know of the expected delivery/ pick up time. Suddenly, Bam! You’ve got a great meal without the hassle. 

Note: We LOVE food but we’re not that keen on cooking. The restaurant, not DinnerIsUp, is responsible for the prep and delivery of your food.

How do I place a review?

If you’ve received an order and you want to let other people know about your experience, you can use DinnerIsUp to place a review. You can access the review section via the link in the follow-up email you’ll receive after ordering, or by checking out your “previous orders” on the site. 

We’re not into swearing or abuse and we want your review to be as genuine as possible, so make sure your review meets our review policy before you post it.

What payment do you accept?

Getting your food to your face should be easy, so paying for your food needs to be easy too. We accept all the major online payment methods. This means you can use VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc. We use our Irish brother's company, Stripe, to handle all card payments. Cash on delivery/ pick up is accepted by most restaurants. It always comes down to what the restaurant can accept, so double check when you place your order.

How are you protecting my details?

We’re like a vault. We have all these fancy, high-tech security measures to keep your data safe, because it’s our highest priority (they wouldn’t let us have sharks with lasers but we got pretty close). You can read all about these measures in our privacy policy. We don’t store your credit card details at all and we don’t give them out to the restaurants either. Restaurants do get your name, address and phone number, just to make the delivery easier. 

If you want to know more about how we look after your info, check out our privacy policy.

How do I know if my order has gone through?

You’ll get an email from us saying that your order has been successfully placed. A couple of minutes later you should get an email  to let you know the restaurant has received your order. If the restaurant is currently closed and you placed an order for later, you’ll get an email once the restaurant opens.

I haven't received any email confirmation, what should I do?

We bet it was gremlins, but it could be that we don’t have your correct email address. You should probably email us at info@dinnerisup.com so we can check it out.

Can I contact the restaurant?

Of course you can! Check your confirmation email for the number and give them a ring if you have any issues or requests about the prep and delivery of the food. The restaurant have all they need to help you with your query. Our team love chatting to you, but we don’t want to waste your time if all we can do is call the restaurant ourselves.

How do I add or delete some items incase I forgot something?

Got your confirmation email? You’d better give the restaurant a quick call to see if they can help out before they start making your food. If you haven’t got the email yet, or you can’t get through to the restaurant, we can assist you. Send us an email to info@dinnerisup.com.

How to cancel my order if need to?

We understand sometimes things don’t go to plan, and you might need to cancel an order. We can cancel an order if the restaurant hasn’t started cooking it yet. If the restaurant has started to cook your food there is a small chance they might still be in a position to offer you a refund or credit, so best to call them and find out.

I have already made payment online but I got email confirmation that my order was rejected, what should I do?

Rejection is never great, so we work really hard with our restaurants to get as many orders accepted as possible. Sometimes a rejected order may look like payment has gone through, but don’t worry, it was voided and is simply pending with your bank. This may take upto 10 business days, however let us know if you haven't been refunded. We will give you a detailed info on why and try to speed it up.

My order is too late, what should I do?

Our partner restaurants do a great job of preparing and delivering orders on time, but sometimes unexpected things get in the way. If your tummy rumbles are getting louder with every tick of the clock, give the restaurant a call (their number is in the email we sent you). If you can’t get through, email us on info@dinnerisup.com so we can track down your food.

I am not happy with my order that i received, what should I do?

Oh no! We’re sorry to hear that. Our restaurant friends work really hard to provide you great food, and so they’re keen for your feedback. Call them straight away (check out your confirmation email from us for their number) and they might be able to fix the problem for you or help you out for next time.

There is a price difference between your website and restaurant listing, what should i do?

They don’t let us set the prices (otherwise we’d make it so we could afford one of everything on each menu) so we need the restaurants to let us know when prices change. If you notice a price difference please email us at info@dinnerisup.com so we can look into it.

I have a question that is not listed above, whom should i talk to?

That’s why we’re here. Our team are really friendly and want to do what they can to make sure you have a great eating experience. You can email us on info@dinnerisup.com or visit the Contact Us page and complete the form. We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours.