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Kathmandu Kitchen Dublin 2 City Center

Restaurant Info

Restaurant Information

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Popular Dishes

Popular Dish

  • Tender breast pieces of chicken marinated & grilled till perfection with mild spices, yoghurt saffron & fresh herbs
  • Golden fried pastry parcels stuffed with cumin, green peas and mashed potato
  • Traditional sherpa dish from Himalayan region of Nepal cooked in Himalayan spices with yoghurt & coriander
  • Minced meat of lamb flavoured with mild spices, fresh herbs, coated with chopped peppers, skewered & chargrilled Lightly spiced Served with choice of tikka masala, ledobedo OR madras sauce"
  • Mixed platter of king prawns, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka & gulafi kebab flavoured with brandy. You will feel like you are at the base of mountains
  • Jumbo king prawns marinated with Nepalese spices grilled in our clay oven with onion and peppers served on a sizzling hot plate. All sizzlers serve with choice of Tikka Masala, Ledobedo or Madras Sauce
  • Mashed potatoes infused with ginger, and cumin, dipped in the batter and deep fried
  • Tender pieces of chicken breast marinated with fresh herbs, mixed peppers, mushrooms, onions & grilled in the clay oven Served with choice of Tikka Masala, Ledobedo or Madras Sauce
  • A mouth watering chicken leg OR breast piece marinated in yoghurt sauce, tandoori spices, fresh herbs & grilled in clay oven All served with choice of Tikka Masala, Ledobedo or Madras Sauce
  • Shallow fried onion slices with cumin seeds, mild spices and deep fried
  • Tomato based cream sauce with grounded cashew nuts
  • Mild almond cream sauce sprinkled with ground cardamom & flavoured with rose water
  • Traditional mild curry of ground almonds, cardamom, tomato & fresh cream
  • Fresh curry prepared with onion, ginger, fresh herbs, mushrooms & green peppers Lightly spiced
  • Slightly sweet & sour curry prepared with the infusion of diced peppers & onions, fresh chopped coriander & finished with the touch of lemon Hot
  • A roast dish tossed with red onions, spring onions & fresh garden tomatoes
  • A South Indian special curry of curry leaves, coconut powder & tossed muster seeds Hot
  • Cooked with pickled spices, yoghurt & finished with fresh mint Medium
  • Spicy sauce created from onion, tomatoes, ginger & fresh grounded chillies Extra hot
  • Lightly spiced
  • Lightly spiced
  • Lightly spiced
  • Lightly spiced
  • Lightly spiced
  • Spinach cooked with tossed cottage potato & onion sauce
  • Spinach cooked with tossed cottage potato & onion sauce
  • Cottage cheese & green peas cooked with creamy tomato sauce & fresh herbs
  • Fresh seasonal vegetables prepared in coconut base sauce tempered with cumin seeds
  • Diced potatoes cooked with brown onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander & ground spices
  • Chickpeas simmered in mild curry sauce with shallots, spring onions, fresh tomatoes & whole spices
  • Yellow lentils cooked with cumin & tempered with garlic & asafoetida
  • Tender lamb OR chicken breast marinated with Himalayan herbs green chilli, red onion, spring onion, ginger, garlic, touch of lime & mustard oil
  • Strips of chicken breast slightly spiced, dipped in gram flour batter & deep fried
  • Tender pieces of chicken breast marinated in yoghurt, pickled sauce, fresh seasonal herbs & grilled in the clay oven
  • Freshly marinated prawn with garlic, dipped in the batter & deep fried in a papad bed
  • A classic lamb curry cooked in a medium spiced onion sauce flavoured with seasonal herbs Lightly spiced
  • A typical Nepalese chicken curry cooked in a medium spiced onion sauce flavoured with charcoal barbs
  • Breast pieces of chicken OR tender pieces of lamb OR juicy fresh water prawn simmered in garlic chilli sauce & fresh herbs Hot
  • Spicy Nepal dish with yoghurt, fresh chillies, coriander, ginger & a touch of garlic Hot
  • Traditional Nepali curry cooked with creamy sauce, brown onion, tomato sauce in medium spicy
  • Tender pieces of chicken OR lamb cooked with spinach & fresh herbs in fenugreek sauce Lightly spiced
  • Tender pieces of grilled chicken breast slow cooked in cream butter & tomato sauce
  • Chicken tikka cooked with fresh ginger, green chillies & fresh coriander in a garlic dressing with a touch of whole cumin seeds & red wine Medium
  • A mixed chef's special curry of lamb, chicken & prawn flavoured with fenugreek leaves Lightly spiced
  • Spanish Wine-Fruity with fresh crisp pineapple and apple flavours.
  • Italian wine-Pears, apples and melon give a complex palate.
  • Chile Wine-An elegant yellow colour with vibrant greenish hues
  • France wine-The unsoaked style is dry and round with good ripe fruity flavours
  • Australian Wine-Dark red berries, nutmeg, black pepper and subtle oak
  • Spain Wine-Dark chocolate and liquorice with berry fruits and a hint of cocoa
  • Chile Wine-Bright ruby-red colour with pronounced blackberry aromas
  • Soft with plummy red fruits
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18 Dame Street, Dublin 2